Little Bites® Snacks Summertime Hacks and Tips for Mom

  1. Have a fun family backyard camp out!

    Have a fun family backyard camp out! Throw up a tent, grab some cozy pillows and blankets, and have a family camp out in your own backyard. Don't forget to bring along your favorite Little Bites® snacks.

  2. Little Bites Muffin Pops

    Celebrate by enjoying your favorite Little Bites® snacks flavor!

    After completing a #TeamLittleBites Challenge, celebrate by enjoying your favorite Little Bites® snacks flavor! Take it to the next level by adding a topping such as whipped cream, ice cream or use your own DIY ideas! Share your creation with us!

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  3. Let the kids help plan & prepare!

    Let the kids help plan and prepare at least one meal each week. Include them when making lunches or snacks. Don't forget the perfect lunchtime snacks, Little Bites®!

  4. Plan ahead & use a calendar!

    Plan ahead! Use a calendar to track your family's weekly activities and stay organized. Be sure to also use this calendar to plan out weekly meals.

  5. Promote a healthy lifestyle. Add daily family walks into your routine, get outside during playtime by shooting hoops or playing tag, or be active in the home with daily chores.

  6. Wake up 30 minutes before the kids wake up. Use this time as "you" time! You can get an early morning workout in, take a walk, prepare a well-balanced breakfast and so much more. You can even sneak a pack of Little Bites® snacks before your little ones wake up! When the little ones do wake up, surprise them with their own pack of Little Bites® snacks for breakfast!

  7. Pack your favorite Little Bites® snacks for your summertime activities. Little Bites® snacks are always a fan favorite, so bring them out in the best moment!

  8. Create a summertime snack center for the entire family. Select a kid's height drawer or a designated space in the pantry. Use clear bins and label each bin with its designated snack, always keeping them stocked for the entire family to grab on-the-go. Little Bites® snacks make the perfect staple for a family snack center.

  9. Bring the movie theater to your own home! Agree upon a movie and turn your living room into the cinema with plenty of Little Bites® snacks for the family to enjoy. You can even have a fun family slumber party in the living room after the movie has ended.

  10. Get your kids to think and learn about recycling! TerraCycle® is a recycling program that is free and easy to use. Simply join by visiting, collect your empty Little Bites® snacks pouches, print a label, ship the pouches and redeem points for a variety of charitable gifts!

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