Little moments that feel really big

Little Bites® knows that anything can feel momentous when you’re a kid. So we’re back with more big little stories.


“He and me win.”


Jonathan and Connor learn that when you have fun with friends, everyone wins!


"He stoled it."


Spencer catches a sneaky friend.




Lina remembers a surprising surprise birthday party.

What do they think?

We’ve asked the experts, and they all agree—Little Bites are delicious!


“They do NOT clean their teeth!”


Monterey learns some really cool things about sharks.


“And we were dancing on the stage for a long time.”


Macey remembers a fun night of colorful dresses and dancing.


"There were two yolks!”


Jonathan wonders why this morning’s egg feels different than usual.


“There was a ladybug on my hand.”


Connor reveals how he made a new friend.

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