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Mmmake This Mmmouse

TOTAL TIME: 15 mins

Mmmake This Mmmouse

Silly Mouse-looking Sandwich


2 Little Bites Muffins - Banana or Snickerdoodle

2 slices of Nature’s Harvest Bread

Meat & cheese of your child’s choice

1 slice cheese

2 mini marshmallows

2 raisins

Large blueberry or red grape

Carrot, in julienne strips

Large Heart-shaped cookie cutter

Mini Heart-shaped cookie cutter



Little Bites® Muffins and Nature’s Harvest® Bread are the life of the lunchbox!

Servings: 1 Mmmake This Mmmouse

  1. Make sandwich and cut with large heart-shaped cookie cutter.  Place on plate, upside-down
  2. Place muffins on left & right top sides (for ears)
  3. Cut sliced cheese with mini heart-shaped cookie cutter and place upside-down on lower part of bread
  4. Make whiskers with julienne carrot pieces
  5. Using toothpick, place grape or blueberry in center of whiskers (for nose)
  6. Using toothpicks (halved), place marshmallow with raisin on top for each eye
  7. Serve and see a smiling face!


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