Scarily Delicious Jack O’ Lantern

Super Easy
Total Time:
20 Minutes




26 Entenmann’s® Little Bites® Muffins

Orange spray icing

Green spray icing

Black spray icing


Servings: 1 Scarily Delicious Jack O’ Lantern 

  1. Arrange Little Bites® Muffins into pumpkin shape; place 14 Little Bites® Muffins into the shape of a circle, fill the circle with 10 Little Bites® Muffins (pumpkin), place last 2 Little Bites® Muffins above the circle (stem)
  2. Decorate 24 Little Bites® Muffins in the circle with orange spray icing to create the pumpkin
  3. Decorate 2 Little Bites® Muffins with green spray icing to create the stem
  4. Add Jack O’ Lantern face over the pumpkin using black spray icing
  5. Enjoy! 

Suggested Variety

Little Bites® Banana Muffins. These golden mini muffins have lots of appeal because they are made with real ingredients like real bananas, no high fructose corn syrup, 0g trans-fat and no artificial colors. four muffins to a pouch, they are sized just right for lunchboxes, snack time, breakfast time or any time.